Spanning across 1,000 acres of freehold land, Sendayan TechValley is the address for the future of your business. With a focus on sustainability, renewable resources, new technology, advanced communication services and facilities, it is designated as Malaysia’s model techno-entrepreneur park to develop both existing and new global businesses.

Strategically located as a prime investment hub, Sendayan TechValley is poised to be a major economic zone with innovation driving it forward. Designed to appeal to a various range of industries, from manufacturing to knowledge-based businesses, find exactly what your business needs to move into the new century.

Our mission is to make Sendayan TechValley the network hub for future industries. Our mission to make Sendayan TechValley your success.
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A World-Class Concept
Sendayan TechValley is developed solely to offer businesses all that is necessary for innovation and success through its world-class facilities, services and amenities. [more]
  Pro-business Government
Both state and federal governments are high supportive of foreign investment and assumes a pro-active role in facilitating operations by businesses. [more]

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