Reasons to invest

Malaysia offers a cost-competitive location for investors intending to set up offshore operations for the manufacture of advanced technological products. Malaysia's key strengths include well-developed infrastructure and productive workforce. A country with a well-developed legal system, Malaysia also provides attractive incentives for investors.

Infrastructure in Malaysia is designed to serve the business community; it is one of the best in Asia. Equipped with digital and fibre optic technology, five international airports (all with air-cargo facilities), well-maintained highways and seven international seaports make Malaysia an ideal springboard to the Asia-Pacific market.

Malaysia offers investors a skilled, knowledgeable and dynamic workforce at very competitive costs. Malaysia's literacy rates are high and school leavers entering the job market have at least 11 years of basic education.

Net employment gains driven by mind- and high-skilled job creation

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The technologically-inclined economy of Malaysia is proven through the country's involvement in advanced electronics manufacturing, R&D, biotechnology, photonics, logistics,design, innovation and a highly automated manufacturing sector. The Government's objective is also to make Malaysia a hub for other value chain activities.

Natural resources - crude oil, natural gas, tin, timber, palm oil, rubber.
GDP growth - 4.7% (2018)
Gross national savings - 26.9% of GNI (2018)
Per capita income - RM42,627 (2018)
Unemployment rate - 3.4% (2018)
Inflation(CPI) - 1.0% (2018)

Well-developed financial and banking sector, including the Labuan International Business and Financial Centre Wide use of English, especially in business, legal and accounting practices based on the British system.

  • Large local business community with international business links.
  • Large foreign business community in all business sectors.
  • Country's total trade was valued at RM1.466 trillion in 2015.

Malaysia's persistent drive to develop and upgrade its infrastructure has resulted in one of the most well-developed infrastructure among the newly industrialising countries of Asia.

  • Peninsular Malaysia's of well-maintained highways and railways.
  • Well-equipped seaports and airports.
  • High quality telecommunications network and services.
  • Fully developed industrial parks, including free industrial zones, technology parks and Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC).

The Malaysian Government continues to ensure that, the country remains an attractive business destination for investments. In our aspiration to achieve a high-income economy by 2020, we are doubling our efforts to attract investments and drive productivity and innovation through political, economic and regulatory reforms. These efforts have received worldwide recognition through improved rankings in reports by various international institutions.

Technological advancement has become an integral part of Malaysia's growth as an industrialised nation. With the help of technology, Malaysia is one of the most technologically developed countries amongst industrialising nations in the ASEAN region.

The workforce here is young, educated and productive. The Government's emphasis on human resource development ensures the continuous supply of manpower to meet the needs of the expanding manufacturing and services sectors.

Multilingual workforce speaking two or three languages, including English, Malay, Chinese & etc. Comprehensive system of vocational and industrial training, harmonious industrial relations with minimal trade disputes.

Malaysia has to date attracted more than 5,000 foreign companies from more than 40 countries to establish their operations in the country. Many of them have also expanded and diversified their operations in the country, reflecting their confidence in Malaysia as a site for their business ventures.

Malaysia's market-oriented economy, supportive government policies and a large local business community that is ready to do business with international corporations have made Malaysia a highly competitive manufacturing and export base.

Government policies that maintain a business environment with opportunities for growth and profits have made Malaysia an attractive manufacturing and export base in the region.

  • Pro-business policies
  • Responsive government
  • Liberal investment policies
  • Attractive tax and other incentives
  • Liberal exchange control regime
  • Intellectual property protection

Malaysia is among the most friendly and hospitable places in the world to work and live in, Malaysians are generally warm, friendly people who easily accept foreigners into their circle of friends.

  • Friendly and hospitable Malaysians
  • Safe and comfortable living environment
  • Excellent housing, modern amenities, good healthcare and medical facilities
  • Excellent educational institutions including international schools for expatriate children
  • World-class recreational and sports facilities
  • Excellent shopping with goods from all over the world

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